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Mission: To help awaken people to what their ordination is. This will help guide you in the direction of living a life where you are getting paid to do what you really love. . . and when you're not working, still doing things you love to do. It's as simple as bringing an idea to the surface of your concious mind. We are all shining spirits, and happiness is within our reach. The true secret to life is finding the joy in simple things, understanding the power in our experiences and learning to draw on that power during the times when it is needed.

Everyone is here for different reasons, reasons that sometimes take us many lifetimes to figure out. A chain of events occurs in such a particular order, that the end result could not have happened without one of the components that made it up. This is not coincidence, it is synchronicity. If you take those events and start to put them together, you can often see that there is a higher purpose for your being in a certain place in time.

There are many "tools" to use to figure that out. A willingness to change is the most important one. Some people are perfectly happy with the way their lives are going now . . . why change anything?!

A good thing to remember: life is very simple. Some people get very caught up in the details of their reality. Some people become brainwashed by what they observe on television and in the movies. Some people believe television so deeply, that they pound on the coffee table when the huge wrestler is being slammed . . . cry hysterically when the beautiful young girl's brother dies in an accident on a soap opera. It is the leaders in the motion picture and television industry's visions of what reality is. Or what they think you'll like. The more people that "tune" into these movies and soap operas, the more they are created. Some people carry this "other person's" vision of reality around them like a ball and chain, just waiting for freedom.

Awaken and make your own reality.

Take control of your life, instead of living through books, movies, soap operas.

Don't get me wrong. Books, movies and soap operas are great. They can be inspirational. But some people start reading or watching, and they can't stop. It becomes easier to watch someone else living their life. Life is chock full of adventure. . . just waiting for you to start following your dreams. The simple act of physically writing down your goals throws them into the universe, where they can begin to manifest themselves into reality. Our ideas and thoughts have power, and go a long way no matter who we are. What you intend to happen, usually will, and your thoughts are actions which affect everything that happens to you.

The first step is to:
  1. Take a piece of paper and a pencil.
  2. Number from 1 to 10.
  3. Pretend that you have died.
  4. Imagine that you were a multi-millionaire. Money is no object.
  5. How do you want to be remembered?
  6. What are the ten most important things you would have wanted to do?
  7. This is your life's mission. . . . for now anyway.

This list may change . . . many times . . . but I believe that it is an important way to stay in touch with where you're going. Try to remain grounded in this way. You will produce a great presence when in front of others, consciously or not, and you will live a happier life knowing what you want. Keep your goals at the forefront of your thinking. You will not get lost if you have willpower and a plan.

The second step is:

  1. Look at your list of goals on your life's mission paper.
  2. Start to visualize yourself achieving these goals.
  3. Surf the web, go to your favorite search engine (mine is Google), or look in books, magazines and newspapers and find pictures that represent your goals.
  4. Print them or cut them out, and paste these images all onto one piece of paper.
  5. This is your "map".
  6. Make copies of it and post them everywhere you will be.

You will, both conciously and subconsciously, start to accomplish your goals one by one.


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