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You Can Create Art!!!!


Quick Creativity

Become a Better Illustrator

















Quick Creativity


Creativity is a form of therapy. It can help keep you balanced emotionally. Here is an excercise II learned in art college. It will help you to create a quick composition.


  1. Take a magazine with lots of colors, some paste/rubber cement, scissors and a blank piece of paper or poster board.
  2. Cut out a lot of one color, a little less of another color, and a sprinkling of a third from the magazine.
  3. Turn on some inspirational music, take the blank piece of paper or poster board, and adhere the areas of color to it. Keep the way you feel in mind as you go, or try to "paint" a picture of the music you're hearing.
  4. You will quickly be creating great art! Don't believe me? When you feel that you've completed a piece(s), hang it up on a wall, stand across the room, and look at it. You'll see shapes of color emerging into a composition. It's a great feeling to create a personal work of art.
  5. The best way to "look" at it is to let your eyes go out of focus, and see the areas of lights and darks and they way they are working with each other. A "strong" piece has a unique, asthetic way of the lights and darks interacting with each other.

In art classes we would then critique these, expressing what we felt was working for the pieces and what wasn't. This allowed us to help each other create more powerfully asthetic works. You can do the same with the pieces you create.


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Better Illustrations

To become a better illustrator:

  1. Take a simple line drawing - from an art book, coloring book or comic.
  2. Turn the drawing upside down.
  3. Without looking at the paper you're drawing on, stare at the line drawing, and let your hand do the drawing. "Use the force, Luke!"
  4. It doesn't matter how accurate the drawing comes out. The point of the lesson is that with practice, in time your regular illustrations will be much better. You will notice a HUGE improvement in the proportion of your illustrations.
  5. This lesson exercises the right side of your brain, the creative side..



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